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Newsletter No 45 - Sep 2008

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Newsletter No. 45 September 2008

Chairman’s Corner

I don't know where the summer(?) has gone: here we are, with just about a month to go to the end of the season, with lots of memorable events to look back on. Two Open Days, when the sun shone on Porthpean, brought nearly sixty to have a go: those, and several visiting groups, have netted 16 new members and possibly some still to join. We welcome them all to the club and are pleased to see that they have integrated well and have taken part in competitions and club days and have volunteered to help around the club. Ten new members took part in the successful 'Faith, Hoop and Hilarity' event, four of whom, partnered by more-experienced members, appeared in the semi-finals. Congratulations to Russell Moore, partnered by Paul Schofield, who won the final. See some pictures below.

Other tournament results were: -

Golf Doubles         David & Barry Edwards.
Wilson Salvers       Stephen Read & Peter Cutting,
Read Trophy        Jenny Burrows,
Jennings Trophy   Stephen Read.

Congratulations to all the winners; particularly to Jenny and Stephen, who were unbeaten in their particular competitions. And thanks to those who organised the particular events, all of which were unspoilt by rain - except when the heavens opened during the Read Trophy. However, undeterred, the ball positions were all marked and we re-started the games when they were re-placed next morning.

The weekend of Sep 7th saw ten of the season's new members battling it out, in two leagues, for one of the club wineglasses. The eventual winner was Jim Ayling, who beat Ian Williams in the final by six hoops to four. The event was played in brilliant sunshine; which is amazing considering the lawns were under water on Friday (see the photographs in the pavilion and a selection below).

Our tournaments and league matches do not appear on the Fixture List by magic: we have a Tournament Secretary who liaises with the SW Federation, and other clubs, to ensure that matches don't clash with other events, and also fixes dates for our own tournaments. However, if we are to have any fixtures for next year, they may have to appear by magic because, as from the end of September, we shall not have a Tournament Secretary unless we can get a volunteer to do the job. That means that it's not a case of doing nothing, "Because somebody else will surely come forward, so they won't want me!!!", but that, if you want the club to run successfully, we need a Tournament Secretary and you could fit the job. Tony Backhouse took the job for one year, now it's somebody else's turn. Tony will explain all to the successful candidate (I'm an optimist and am expecting more than one volunteer) and will, no doubt, be available to advise etc. It is not a particularly onerous job: the minimum requirements are being able to read, write, use a telephone, know the months of the year etc., and can be relied upon not to organise the same team to be playing on the same day in both Taunton and Budleigh Salterton (Rosemary would never let us forget it!).

I hesitate to mention computers because, although a distinct advantage, it is not an essential tool for the job. If you are willing, have a word with either Tony or me to at least find out if you could do the job. If you then feel that your circumstances won't enable you to do it, that's fine; at least you've tried. Finally, on this subject, thanks Tony for filling the breach this year.

The mowing machine has proved to need more attention than we'd expected, but should be ready to start cutting shortly. It is not too late to volunteer for the cutting team. Thanks again to Malcolm for all he is doing to keep the lawns in good condition. Having twice been felled by the clash of his head and the corner of the pavilion, and after a consequent visit to the local hospital for treatment, the sight of Malcolm pumping away, as he marched up and down the lawns with his sprayer was something to behold - especially having been playing in a tournament all weekend. Thanks also to whoever washed his bloody hat. We have a welcomed volunteer to help Malcolm - thanks Jim.

We are currently making an approach to the SW Federation to get a course for the assessment of members willing to become club coaches in either Golf or Association Croquet. It is then hoped that some will progress to higher grades to help with the advancement of standards within the club. Nigel, Tony and Ian have done a great job this year with starter and numerous Association Improver courses. However, they are being over-worked and will welcome additional members to the coaching team. We are all indebted to the "Three Malleteers" - thank you gentlemen.

Finally, don't forget that the Finals Weekend is the last one in September, and that members gather for presentations and a get-together on the Sunday afternoon. Come and support some of the finals that are shown on your Fixture List.


Faith Hoop and Hilarity pictures - Sat 26 July 2008
 Faith Hoop and Hilarity 2008



Paul Schofield
Winner of longest jump shot







 Faith Hoop and Hilarity 2008




Paul Schofield & Russel Moore
Winners of Golf Croquet Doubles






 Faith Hoop and Hilarity 2008




The Hilarities!







 Faith Hoop and Hilarity 2008



Margaret & Shirley
Winners of the Target Croquet






 Faith Hoop and Hilarity 2008



Paul Lewis
Winner of Pirates Croquet







New Members Day pictures - Sun 7 Sep 2008

 New members' Day 2008



New Members’ Day 2008 Group Photo..








 New Members' Day 2008




Ron George presenting wineglass to the
Winner Jim Ayling.







 New Members' Day 2008





The Finalists- Jim Ayling & Ian Williams.






 New Members' Day 2008




Dorianne Forsdick in action!





Club Members' News

Paul Schofiled gains Silver Merit Award

Paul Schofield played in the Sussex County Croquet Club's August Tournament - a four-day event 14-17 Aug 2008 (at Southwick). On the Sunday during his final match he achieved, in a single break, a run of twelve hoops without the use of bisques and won the game.
This qualified Paul for the Croquet Association's Silver Merit Award.

Well Done Paul.

Richard Griffiths wins the Bournemouth Bowl

At the East Dorset CC (Parkstone) August Bank Holiday Open Classic Weekend (Sat 23- Mon 25 Aug 2008) Richard Griffiths, the club's only scratch player, won the magnificent Bournemouth Bowl in emphatic style (see the more detailed report here).
The trophy is an enormous silver bowl (17 inches across the handles, about a foot tall, with a capacity of just over 2 gallons!) dating from 1906. The trophy's full name is The Bournemouth Open Singles Challenge Bowl but everyone calls it The Bournemouth Bowl for short.

Richard has also been selected for two national events in September (about now): -
1. The CA Eights Week: The Selectors' Weekend event of the Eights 5-7 Sep at Nottingham.
2. Awarded a wildcard entry for the European Championships 19-21 Sep to be held in Jersey.

Congratulations from all of us Richard.

 The Bournemouth Bowl 2008

Friendly Cup v Nailsea - Saturday/Sunday October 11th/12th 2008.

This is our annual friendly against Nailsea - for which we now have a Cup!
Nailsea are sending five players (handicap range 11 to 18) to play Association Croquet on Sunday the 12th. We are keeping Saturday the 11th for Golf Croquet.
Please sign the notice in the Clubhouse by midnight on Wednesday, October 8th if you want to play or email Nigel at

Programme for Finals Weekend.

Thursday, 25 September
President’s Cup – Golf Croquet: as organised by Ron George.

Friday, 26 September
President’s Cup – Association Croquet:
10.00 Stephen Read vs Malcolm Hooper on Court 2
14.00 Nigel Grant vs winner of the match above on Court 1
        Tony Backhouse vs Paul Schofield on Court 2
All matches 3 hours Level Play Advanced.

Saturday, 27 September
10.00 Play-off for 3rd and 4th in President’s Cup (Assoc) if required

14.00 President’s Cup Golf Croquet Final on Court 2.

Sunday, 28 September
10.00 Dowding Cup Final (Assoc) between David Edwards and Colin Hadley on Court 2.
14.00 President’s Cup (Assoc) Croquet Final on Court 2.
17.30 General Prize Giving, followed by tea.

1. When not specifically mentioned in the above programme,
    Court 1 is available for general play, Association or Golf..
2. All those attending on Sunday afternoon are invited to bring contributions for tea or drinks
    as deemed appropriate.

Tony Backhouse
Tournaments Secretary
16 September 2008.

Now another poem from Joyce Wilson as promised.

St Austell

Oh, St Austell, where have you gone?
Bleak buildings reflect barren wastelands.
Blank expanses, void of life and vegetation.
The town's expressionless face
twixt Truro and Plymouth.
Gone are the elegant Victorian facades,
Stone faced with terracotta edgings,
Decorative plinths and ridge tiles
Giving the town an energy and presence.
Elegance and liveliness coming from prosperity.
All that is gone.
A shadow of its former self,
the town skulks between the hills,
A conglomeration of dismal sixties planning.
St Austell struggles to make the grade,
But the waters of The White Lady rush by,
Not wishing to tarry.
Wealth washing away with the silt.
Oh, St Austell,
Where have you gone?

Joyce Wilson

Last time we mentioned the one and only appearance of Croquet in the Paris Olympic games of 1900 – we came across this picture of one of the competitors and thought you might be interested.
 Croquet at the Paris Olympics 1900





Note the referee observing and the rather “easy” hoop.

We do not know who the competitor is, unfortunately.











The Half Way Law (Law 10) sometime causes confusion so here it is reproduced with the CA rulings and commentaries which apply.

10. The Halfway Law
10(a) Between a hoop just scored and the next hoop in order there is a line called the halfway line.
The halfway lines for each hoop are shown in the diagram which follows

 Golf Croquet Half-Way points diagram



When the next hoop in order is 7 & 17 the Halfway Line is AF.

When the next hoop in order is 3, 9 & 15 the Halfway Line is BG.

When the next hoop in order is 5 & 11 the Halfway Line is CH.

When the next hoop in order is “All Others” the Halfway Line is DE







10(b) At the end of a turn in which a hoop point was scored, any ball which is resting beyond the halfway line for the next hoop in order is an offside ball unless it reached its position as a result of:

(1) the stroke just played; or
(2) a stroke, wrong ball play or fault
played or committed by an opponent, or
(3) contact with an opponent's ball; or
(4) being directed to a penalty spot.

10(c)(1) Before the next stroke is played, the opponent of the owner of an offside ball is entitled to direct that the offside ball is next to be played either from where it lies or from either penalty spot D or E in Diagram 3 as chosen by the opponent. A ball that is directed to be played from a penalty spot is an outside agency until it is played. C10.1

10(c)(2) If the owner of an offside ball plays before the opponent has given a direction under Law 10(c)(1) and before the opponent has played, the opponent may require the stroke to be replayed after Law 10(c)(1) is applied. Before the stroke is replayed any balls moved by the first stroke are replaced. A player required to replay a ball under this Law, is no longer entitled to rule on an opponent's offside ball at the same hoop.

CA Rulings

Law 10(c)(2) is to be interpreted as if playing before the opponent has given a direction includes playing without acknowledging or acting on a direction given in a manner capable of conveying its meaning to a player with normal hearing.

CA Commentary

C 10.1, Law 10 – Halfway Law
Once an offside ball has been directed to a penalty point, it shall be deemed to be located at the penalty point if a further hoop is scored before it has been played even it has not been physically moved there. Thus, if hoop 1 is run by B when Y is lying offside north-east of hoop 6 and Y is directed to the east penalty point, if R or K immediately scores hoop 2 before Y has been moved, Y cannot be directed to the west penalty point because it is entitled to the exemption under Law 10(b)(4).