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Notice to Members No. 1

Open Day

Our second Open Day this summer is on Sunday, 31 July. We hope to be a little more organised this time though I do not anticipate the same numbers. We intend to use four half lawns and ideally we will be staffed as follows:

One on Reception (Rosemary) and One Assistant

One to allocate punters to lawns, hand out mallets, etc.

One on each half-lawn, running a Golf Croquet game and very elementary coaching (Me, Nigel, Ian, …..) .

One in the pavilion, teas and coffees.

Volunteers, please, for these posts, every one of which is of equal importance in recruiting new members. Please ring me or email by next Friday, 29 July.

Club Afternoons - Golf Croquet

At its meeting on Tuesday, the Committee decided to have Club Afternoons for Golf Croquet on Thursdays. The same rules are to apply as for Association Croquet on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

The first such day will be Thursday, 28 July.

W.I. Day (morning only)

16 members of the W.I. are coming for the morning on Thursday, 28 July. They will be playing Golf Croquet, doubles on four half-lawns. Again we need volunteers in addition to Nigel and me to supervise one game each and a further helper in the pavilion. Names to me as above, please, by Wednesday, 27 July.

Club Afternoons - Association

There are two points to be made. Firstly, the Start Time is 2 o'clock. At that point, games will be organised and started. We cannot wait to see if anyone else is coming so, if you are late, you may not get a game.

Secondly, a Committee member or the person with the lowest handicap will organise who plays whom. He/she will consider what people want but beginners must be fitted in, preferably in doubles, partnered with a better player.

The Buddy System

It has been suggested that we should operate a buddy system for new members. So an experienced member might take on one or two new members, ensure they know what is happening, help them to arrange games and generally to get settled in to the Club and be a happy member. More volunteers needed - names to me, please.

B*****y Rabbits

I have someone who will be coming, with Howard's permission, to shoot them. But we still need to keep them out. Please make sure that the last person to leave the site ensures the netting under the gate is as rabbit-proof as possible.

Tony Backhouse - 25 July, 2005 .