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Newsletter No. 2  Feb 2004

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A new season of Croquet is fast approaching and we look forward to seeing you all at some time. You have all shown your interest for Croquet in Fowey and in our first year of operation we attained a membership in excess of 24. Encouraging indeed, and we look forward to your continued support.

Included in this newsletter is the AGM. agenda (see below), and a separate copy of the proposed club constitution for adoption by the membership. We ask all members to attend this important meeting if at all possible, as there is much to discuss and we need your input. Please therefore bring along your own thoughts and comments on any issue.

The present officers of Chair (Rosemary Bradshaw), Vice Chair (Gwen Cussans), Secretary (Reg Wapling), and Treasurer (Bill Price), are willing to continue in office if the meeting re-elects them. In addition we will need two members to complete a committee. Richard Tuxford has agreed to be a third committee member to represent the college. Nominations for all these posts are welcome.

If you are unable to attend the AGM. we would be so grateful if you send an apology.

AGM. 15th March 2004 at 1.30 pm. Cricket Pavilion - Fowey Community College

Refreshments will be available. Croquet played weather permitting.


We were delighted to receive an additional quality garden Croquet set this winter, kindly donated by Mrs. Tansey of West Looe, and this, with the Association Standard set, on loan from the South West Federation of the Croquet association, provides us in particular, with an assortment of Mallets to try out.


Our Chair, Rosemary Bradshaw, recently spent a Croquet holiday in Florida with players from around the world, and we can all I'm sure, learn something from her experiences at this event.


Chair - Rosemary Bradshaw 01726 832034     Secretary - Reg Wapling 01726 833716

Vice Chair - Gwen Cussans 01726 83366      Treasurer - Bill Price 01726 832200

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