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Tournament Report

Sat-Sun 6-7 Jul 2013 - Golf Croquet Handicap Doubles Tournament 

Fleeces were discarded, sun hats dug out from the bottoms of kit bags and sun-tan lotion flowed by the gallon as twelve pairs prepared to do battle in the Club Golf Doubles Tournament. Hot sunshine on their backs and fast dry lawns were the order of the day, once everybody had mastered the handicap extra turns for a best-of-19 hoop game played over a timed 1¼ hours. Everybody would play five games, in two blocks, over the weekend but, as some played three games on Saturday and others only two, the end of the first day showed no pair in pole position in either block.

On Sunday things began to become clearer, but it was not until the final round of games, in both blocks, that the two finalists would appear. In fact, in both blocks, the potential finalists played each other. In the end, Des and Liz Honey just got the edge on Jenny Burrows and Pam George and Dorianne Forsdick and Russell Moore beat Paul and Elizabeth Schofield.

The final got off to a slow start and it took twelve minutes to run Hoop1 and a further eight minutes to run Hoop2. By the time that Hoop 3 was completed, 25 minutes of the allotted 75 had been used. However, after that the hoops were run much more quickly, with the scores gradually favouring the Honeys, who eventually won by ten hoops to five with 1minute and 15 seconds left on the clock.

The weekend was a big success and Ron George was thanked for organising it by our Chairman David Edwards. Thanks were also due to all those who had cut the lawns, marked out the lines, installed the hoops etc.

The cup was presented by our President, Howard Rosevear.

As many wanted to rush off to see some event on the television, no formal tea was organised:)


The Winners:   Des and Liz Honey