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Tue 21 May 2013 - SWF Federation League                   (Played at Cornwall CC)

Cornwall v Sidmouth

Cornwall hosted their first federation league match of the season on May 21st, playing a strong team from Sidmouth. With teams of four, the match was arranged with a doubles & two singles in the morning, and four singles after lunch. The weather was dry, but with a strong and cold northerly wind, so most players were dressed more for arctic warfare than for a summer sport.

The doubles saw D Edwards (handicap 9) & S. Read (14) take on C. Walls (7) and I. Friedlander (9). Read never struck his real form, and Edwards didn't help matters by going for the wrong hoop in what was a promising position. There were no big breaks, and the game ended with Sidmouth winning 19-13 on time.

P. Schofield (12) was slaughtered by P. Nelson (8), going down 4-26, but D. Honey (11) rescued the situation by beating P. Hills 20-14. So Sidmouth led 2-1 at lunch.

The afternoon games saw Read hit form and storm into what looked like an impregnable lead with 21 points on the board when his opponent Nelson had hardly got off the mark. However, in an epic fight back, Nelson pinned Read down, and finally managed an unlikely win 26-22. Honey took a while to find his form against Walls, but although catching up, time was against him in a low-scoring game, Walls winning 14-10. Schofield certainly made up for his morning loss by beating Hills 18-16, playing a very risky ending which had the Cornwall watchers feeling very nervous. Edwards & Friedlander enjoyed a fast and high scoring game which could have gone either way, but ended in Edwards' favour 26-21. 

Final Score:  Cornwall 3      Sidmouth 4

Last ball of the game unfortunately it didn't run hoop 6 Paul Schofield not running 3 back
Last ball of the game unfortunately it didn't run hoop 6 Paul Schofield not running 3 back
Paul Schofield wins the game just Teams 21st May 2013
Paul Schofield wins the game just The Teams 21st May 2013

Photos by S. Read