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Match Report

Wed 25 Jul 2012 - SWF Golf Croquet League     (rescheduled from Thu 5 Jul)

Barnstaple v Cornwall Rosevear         (played at Barnstaple)

Five players represented Cornwall Rosevear in the re-scheduled Golf League match, played at Barnstaple. It is early days for Barnstaple at their new home, where they now have two full size courts. These however are sited on a flood plain of a tributary of the Taw, and the awful summer weather had left their lawns flooded or waterlogged, and we understood that this was the first time they had been able to play on them this season. The courts are “interesting”, with a certain amount of rather irregular slope, and local “special effects”! Attempts to play accurate positioning shots were seldom successful.

Teams were: Cornwall – Barry Edwards (Capt) (handicap 10), David Edwards (3), Des Honey (3), Maggie Dawson (9), and Dorianne Forsdick, (10). Barnstaple fielded 8 players, being: Velda Masterson (11), Michael Fane (8), Margaret Barraclough (9), Anne White (10), Jake Bentley-Jones (10), David White (6), Syd Jones (4), and Irene Fane (9).

All the singles were played first. In the first four games, it looked as if Cornwall would continue with their lack of success so far this season, as only David Edwards managed a win, despite giving away 8 free turns. The second four games were better for the visitors, at two wins each. Not too good for Cornwall at 3-5 down. However, things improved in the third group, with 2 wins & 2 draws for Cornwall. The last singles session was evenly balanced at two wins each.

So with the final four doubles to play, the scores were even at 8 all. The doubles continued the cliffhanger style of the rest of the match, with two wins each, leading to a drawn match.


Final Score:  Barnstaple 10    Cornwall Rosevear 10