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Fri 8 Jun 2012 - SWF Golf Croquet League          (played at Cornwall CC)

Cornwall Rosevear v Dowlish Wake

Cornwall welcomed a team of five from the Somerset club of Dowlish Wake, and also fielded a team of five.

The previous day had seen truly dreadful weather, which would have made the fixture unplayable, but with a forecast of some improvement, it was decided to go ahead. Thankfully the day remained dry, and the lawns had drained well, but it had been impracticable to mow them in preparation. Despite the lack of rain, conditions were, to put it mildly, testing. While the mean wind recorded at Polruan Coastwatch was just below gale force, the westerly was very gusty, and there were very frequent gusts of gale or severe gale force. 

There is little rest for players when there are only five per team, and in the difficult conditions, this was particularly demanding.

Dowlish Wake’s combined handicap was 46, against Rosevear’s 35, giving the visitors a greater ration of free turns.

This, as usual, made life difficult for Cornwall’s two lower handicap players, Des Honey (3) and Ron George (5). The sixteen singles were played first.

Dowlish Wake, whose home lawns are famous (notorious?) for their considerable slope, coped well with the howling wind and the problem of not having to aim off for the slope, and gradually built up a lead, which was impregnable by the time the final four doubles were played.


The teams were: 
Cornwall Rosevear: Des Honey (3), Ron George (5), Jenny Burrows, Pam George, and Maggi Dawson (all 9),
Dowlish Wake: Peter Mallen (8), Tony Carter (8), Topsy Sumpton, Jennie Tennat, and Ray Bartlett (all 10).


Final Score:  Cornwall Rosevear 8    Dowlish Wake 12

SWF GC Fri 8 Jun 2012
SWF GC Fri 8 Jun 2012
Dowlish trying to jump hoop 8 with blue
          The Teams