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Sun 13 May 2012 - SWF Federation League

Plymouth v Cornwall (played at Plymouth)

Sunday 13th May saw the first federation league match of the 2012 season for Cornwall.

Cornwall's team was David Edwards (handicap 9),Des Honey (12)and Tony Jennings (14).

Plymouth were represented by Bob Savage (8), Alan Schaffert (8), and Brian Stevens (12). Plymouth were fielding the same team which won our group in 2011, so Cornwall were expecting a difficult match.

After so much awful weather, all were pleased that the day was sunny and quite warm, with very little wind.

Plymouth's lawns were in their usual distinctive condition - SW Water does not allow them to be treated with any chemicals, and the near-commercial crop of daisies was a pretty sight!

Edwards & Jennings played the morning doubles against Savage & Stevens. Neither Cornwall player started well, and both found the pace of the court difficult to get used to, so Plymouth pulled ahead in the early part of the game.

Edwards & Jennings began to play better, but had left it too late to catch up, and lost 18-21.

Honey, with 4 bisques, put up a good fight against Schaffert, but finally went down 16-18.

Things weren't looking promising for Cornwall, and it soon became apparent in the afternoon singles that Plymouth had no intention of easing the pressure.

Edwards, in woefully poor form, was rapidly beaten 8-26 by Schaffert, who was playing demonstration croquet.

Honey survived rather longer against Savage, but was also well outplayed, going down 11-26.

Jennings however was playing well, and had built up a good lead against Stevens, with two balls on rover, both balls in good positions mid-court, and Stevens well separated.

However, at this stage Stevens was given a lift, placed his ball on A baulk so as to give himself a double, and hit in from distance, allowing him to catch up some hoops. Nonetheless, as time approached, Jennings was still leading, but Stevens' last shot in normal time was played a handful of seconds before time, giving both players one further turn. Jennings could make nothing from his, but Stevens ran his remaining 4 or 5 hoops & pegged out, for a last-gasp win.


Final Score: Cornwall 0  Plymouth 5 Report by David Edwards