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Winter Series 2011-12 Results

Results for Winter Series 2011-12


Results files (pdf):     Golf Croquet        Short Croquet


Golf Croquet

Scheduled once a fortnight, we only achieved 5 sessions this winter, with the maximum games played by any player being 13 out of 15.
Through consistent quality playing Kathleen won the series with an average score of 4.55, closely followed by Ron with 4.29. One more good day by Ron would have reversed this result.


Short Croquet

This weekly series managed 12 sessions, with Stephen braving the elements for 21 out of 24 games. Again, it was steady play by Tony D. that gained him the overall win.

David, who had held the lead for several weeks managed to narrowly snatch defeat from the face of victory on the last session.


Congratulations to Tony and Kathleen.


I trust those who took part enjoyed these tournaments and look forward to more competitors making a successful and warmer summer season.