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Mon 19 Jun 2011 - SWF Federation league                  (played at Exeter CC)

Exeter v Cornwall

Cornwall CC’s Federation team visited Exeter on Monday June 19th. Playing for Cornwall were Richard Griffiths (Capt), handicap -1; David Edwards (10), Tony Jennings (14) and Peter Cutting (12). Conditions were kind, and Exeter’s lawns – about three-quarters size, were in good condition. Hoops were distinctly generous, probably a factor in all games, rather unusually, pegging out well within time, 

The morning games were a doubles & two singles. In the doubles Griffiths & Cutting played Richard Hitchens (12) and Adam Wimshurst (4). Exeter used their bisques early, Wimshurst going through to the last hoop. In 2 or 3 turns, Cutting got to peg. Wimshurst ran his last hoop with the intention of pegging out Cutting, to leave Griffiths with only 3 balls in play. However, this plan failed, and finally, Griffiths got the innings, and with a 7 hoop break, pegged out for a +5 win. However, the singles were not going Cornwall’s way, neither Edwards nor Jennings finding form. Jennings finally lost 9-26 to Roger Thorn (8), and Edwards, playing Mark Macnair (11), improved a little towards the end of the game to put a little respectability in the score, compared to what had earlier appeared probable, losing 17-26.

Lunch must have invigorated Cornwall, but although Griffiths lost to Wimshurst 11-26, battling a very competent player armed with 5 bisques, Cutting, Edwards & Jennings lifted their game a and enjoyed three good wins. Jennings pegged out in style with an outrageous shot from the boundary to win 26-14 against Hitchens. Cutting despatched Macnair 26-2 in a very brief game, and Edwards concluded shortly afterwards with a 26-4 win against Thorn, just missing out on a 12 hoop break with a careless shot at rover. A delicious tea followed, sitting outside in warm sunshine.

Final Score:   Cornwall 4     Exeter 3