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Mon 16 May 2011- SWF B League          (played at Cornwall CC)

Cornwall Porthpean v Sidmouth


Cornwall - Jenny Burrows (22), Ron George (22), Russell Moore (24), Tony Dyson (18) (Capt)

Sidmouth - Pam Bowra (20), Peter Nelson (16), Paul Griew (24), Philip Harris (16) (Capt)


Burrows and George v Bowra and Harris, score 9 -10

Dyson v Nelson, score 11 -9

Moore v Griew, score 8 - 9


Dyson v Harris, score 14 -9

Moore v Bowra, score 10 -14

Burrows v Griew, score 9 -10

George v Nelson, score 11 - 13


Final Score: Cornwall 2      Sidmouth 5


The day was dry but there was an incessant strong westerly wind which probably curtailed the standard of play of all the contestants. Hence low scores in spite of 2 1/2 games.

The four 'Ps' in the Sidmouth team led to them being referred to as a 'Pod' !

SwF B Leagie May 2011
The Cornwall Team only
as there were no spare people to take a pic of both teams together!

Report by Tony Dyson