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Match Report

Tue 06 Jul 2010 - SWF Intermediate League                      (played at Sidmouth CC)

Sidmouth v Cornwall

Cornwall Croquet Club visited Sidmouth on July 6th for last of this season’s SWF Intermediate League fixtures.

Unavoidably, Cornwall could only send a depleted team of three (usually four) – David Edwards (handicap 10), Tony Jennings (12) and Rosemary Bradshaw (14). Handicaps were well matched, Sidmouth opposing with Ian Friedlander (11), Nancy Temple (12), and John Dixon (16).

A beautiful sunny day produced lawns which were fast enough to catch out both home and visiting players, it being all too easy to over-hit hoop approaches, or send balls off court on croquet shots. Slow-played shots also sometimes veered alarmingly off their intended path!

The morning doubles matched Edwards & Bradshaw against Temple & Dixon. The early game split widely, with Dixon & Bradshaw not managing to get through hoop 2 for some time, while Edwards & Temple pursued each other closely well ahead. Bradshaw then broke away, and despite a good chase by Sidmouth, Cornwall held on to win 18-15. In the singles, Jennings & Friedlander enjoyed a close game until Friedlander had a couple of good breaks near the end, winning 26-16.

The afternoon singles saw Jennings well beaten by Temple, who was playing very accurate croquet, not giving her opponent many chances, and winning 25-9, this win bringing her handicap down to 11. Bradshaw had much closer match against Dixon, which could have swung either way, but finally went to Dixon 22-19. Edwards managed an early but not large lead against Friedlander, soon getting one ball to peg, but having a lot of catching up to do with the backward ball. This he finally managed, and finished with a 24-17 win, the margin being flattered by getting two hoops on his final turn.

Final Score:  Sidmouth 3    Cornwall 2