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 Improver Coaching Day   On Tuesday 15th April we have been fortunate to get the services of Bill Arliss, who is spending a few days in the County. Bill will do a Golf Improver Course, aimed at those with an old handicap of from 2 to 6. He will cover some basics and progreess to tactics etc and monitoring games in progress. The day will start at 9.30am and last until about 4.30, with a break for lunch. Whites are not required to be worn.

It will prove to be a valuable training day, and I may have to restrict attendance on either a first-come-first-served bases, or to those that I consider will benefit most, as Bill would prefer to restrict numbers to about 16. So! Please let me know A.S.A.P. if you want to attend (Including those to whom I have spoken already please)


 Golf Croquet Handicap changes   Golf Handicaps are being changed and new cards will be issued for the coming season. Would those, who have not yet handed in their Golf-Handicap cards, please either bring them to the AGM, and hand it to me, or let me have your current handicap AND the latest figure in the INDEX – NEW column on your card. You can either ‘phone or e-mail these figures.

Those who do not normally play Golf Croquet will not be given a new handicap until they decide to play Golf, when their Association Handicap will be taken into account. The new handicaps will run from 0 to 12 instead of the current –4 to 6. New cards will be left in the clubhouse for the start of the season: if you don’t contact me in reply to this notification, I will assume that you don’t need a handicap or card. If you want to play Golf Croquet, but haven’t a handicap, let me know together with your current Association handicap.


 Golf Croquet Rules   I shall be doing a session on the new rules, and re-capping on some of the old ones, at 2.00pm on Thursday 10th April (the first club afternoon). The main changes are in the “Wrong Ball” Rule, but there are some other changes that you will need to know about. Just turn up.


 To contact me    E-mail  mail me   or  Telephone

Have a good season!

Ron George