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Level 1 Session 2 on Sun Jul 22, 2007

Photos : Ian Wilson, Cornwall Croquet Club coaching Liz Honey.

It was a good weather day for the last Members' Association Croquet Coaching session this season, the Cornwall Club's coaches Nigel Grant and Ian Wilson provided an interesting and stimulating day for the participants.

Participants: Joyce Wilson, Frances Hindley, John Hindley, Liz Honey and Des Honey.

 Coaching Session Jul 2007  Coaching Session Jul 2007
Ian Wilson, coaching Liz Honey

This group were Level 1, and three similar sessions have been held up to Level 4 for more experienced players, Nigel Grant, the Club's Lead Coach has thus provided an ongoing coaching
programme, which includes other sessions for Golf Croquet.

Members continue to enjoy Club Sessions, and there are still several internal tournaments coming up, some of the participants of Sunday's course will be playing in the Read Trophy on 11th/12th August.

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