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SWF 'B' League  v  Exeter

Mon Jul 16, 2007     at Exeter

Cornwall's B League team played away to Exeter on July 16th.

Exeter on their small courts ran out worthy winners - winning the doubles and 2 singles in the morning, leaving Cornwall an uphill challenge in the afternoon's 4 singles games.

Winning just 2 games unfortunately Cornwall went down 2 games to 5.

 SWF B League v Exeter 2007

Standing L to R: -

John Dowding(C), Ron George(C), Brian Lethbridge(E), Tony Dyson(C).

Seated L to R: -

Murray French(E) Capt, Ruth Urch(E), Colin Hadley(C) Capt.


Final Score: Cornwall 2   Exeter 5