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Match Report

SWF Federation League v Exeter
Mon 2 Jul 2007 (at Exeter)


Three players represented the Cornwall for a SWF Federation League match at Exeter on Mon 2 Jul 2007.  The weather was wet and windy interspersed with fine periods.

Morning matches: -

Doubles: Nigel Grant (9 Capt) and Tony Jennings (14), the Cornwall Pair, just losing by 1 point in a closely fought match to Harry Midgely (7) and Roger Thorne (14) of Exeter.

Singles: This was also close with Ian Wilson (7) for Cornwall beating Richard Hichens (11) by 5.

Afternoon matches (all singles): -

Nigel Grant won convincingly by 16 over Richard Hichens.

Tony Jennings lost by 13 to Harry Midgely.

Ian Wilson's match was close and entertaining with Ian eventually winning by 2.

Initially Roger Thorne (Exeter) did a very effective job of using all his bisques to keep Ian out of the innings and take himself to Peg and Rover, whilst Ian managed only to get to 2-back and 5.

The other games had finished by this time and with the overall score standing at 2-all this match became a decider.

A lengthy tactical exchange then ensued with Ian doing his best to make it difficult for Roger to finish who in turn was determined to keep Ian well separated, but eventually mangaged to get his own second ball through Rover. Ian manged to make a couple of successful long roquets which got him to Peg and Rover.

Time was now getting short, only a couple of minutes to go, when Ian managed to hit-in again and during the extension period to run Rover and Peg-out to win by 2. A very close game and fun for the specatators.

Final Score:  Cornwall 3    Exeter 2