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Notice to Members No. 2

Fowey Gala, Monday, 12 September

The idea is to have a friendly day against Fowey on our courts with players bringing their own lunch (or having it in the Golf Clubhouse) and Fowey providing a tea. We will play Association in the morning possibly on full size courts and Golf in the afternoon on half courts. Numbers will be balanced where necessary by, for example, one side playing doubles against a single on the other side. We therefore need a minimum of four for morning and for afternoon.

Those wishing to play please let me know by Thursday, 8 September, specifying whether a.m., p.m. or both.

Finals Day, Sunday, 18 September

From Our Tournament Secretary: -

The final of the Knock-Out Competition will be played on the afternoon of Finals Day, starting at 1.30 p.m. It will be a three-hour, 26-point game to normal handicap rules.

I also intend that the top two players (at midnight on 17 September) on the Ladder have a play-off on the same basis as the Knock-Out and at the same time but on Lawn 1. However, should a player have demonstrated such skill as to be in both finals, the latter will be played in the morning, starting at 9.30.

These matches should be fun and your Committee urges members to support the finalists and perhaps to learn a trick or two.

Once the matches are completed, there will be a brief prize-giving ceremony covering the whole season's competitions.

End of Season Party

This will start after the prize-giving with drinks and, weather permitting, some fun croquet. We will plan to eat around 6 to 6.30 p.m.

Will those wishing to attend please let me know preferably by email or letter by the Friday, 16 September.

Those attending will, I hope, each bring a contribution to the feast, ideally one that can be eaten with a fork or fingers. Examples are quiche, salads, cold chicken, ham, sausages, tarts, cheesecake and anything that can be cooked in the micro-wave, etc.

We will provide paper plates, glasses, forks, napkins, red & white wine, John Smith's bitter, squash, coffee & tea.

To offset the costs, an initial contribution will be expected from participants at about £1 per head plus further offerings in proportion to the amount of liquid consumed.

Volunteers needed to purchase the supplies above, to look after the food brought and to act as barman. Names, please, to me by Thursday, 15 September.

Tony Backhouse
3 September, 2005