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April 2003

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To: All Member Clubs
From: The Chairman, Handicap Co-ordination Committee

Handicapping in 2003


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Handicap Guidelines and Procedures 2003

Please find enclosed a copy of the Handicap Guidelines and Procedures for 2003 ("the Guidelines"). In the introduction to the Guidelines you will find a synopsis of the principal changes that have taken place since the Guidelines were last published.

Please make this copy available to your members. Additional copies may be printed off from the CA web-site.   Link:  Handicap Guidelines and Procedures


Club Completions

Please note that the definition of Qualifying Games [section 3.2 of the Guidelines and Procedures] has been altered to improve clarity.

If you wish your internal tournaments to count in the AHS please follow the rules in section 3.2. I encourage you to run your internal tournaments as Designated Club Competitions, since the more Qualifying Games your members play the more accurate their handicaps will be.


Tournament Handicappers

If your club runs CA Calendar Fixtures please remember that it is your duty to appoint a Tournament Handicapper: Regulation O1(a).

The Regulation governing the appointment of Tournament Handicappers for the 2003 season has been amended to clarify who may act as a Tournament Handicapper. It now reads:

Where an Association Handicapper is available to act he shall be appointed as Tournament Handicapper. Where an Association Handicapper is not available but a Club Handicapper is he shall be appointed as Tournament Handicapper. Where neither an Association nor Club Handicapper is available, another suitable person shall be appointed by the Organising Body, who shall have the powers of a Club Handicapper for the duration of the tournament: Regulation H2(a)

To assist clubs in deciding who to appoint I have asked handicappers to state if they are a Club or Association Handicapper on their tournament entry forms and I also enclose a list of handicappers.

May I thank you in advance for your co-operation in ensuring that these Regulations are complied with.


Appointment of Handicappers

Our objective is for each Member Club to have a Club Handicapper and for each Federation to have at least one Association Handicapper active within it.

The HCC is currently reviewing the list of handicappers. We are keen to ensure that the list only contains those who are active as handicappers, so we can tell in which clubs and regions new handicappers need to be appointed.

When this review is complete, we shall contact Member Clubs who do not have Club Handicappers to see if a suitable person can be appointed.

Please accept my best wishes for the forthcoming season.


Michael Blackwell
Chairman, Handicap Co-ordination Committee
30 March 2003


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