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2 - 3 September 2000


Report by Ian Burridge

Capitalising on the success of the Centenary tournament two years previously the CA utilised the format of 14 point handicap doubles for teams of 4 for their Millennium tournament at the Cheltenham Croquet Club. With twenty teams entering the format achieved one of its main aims of appealing to a large number of players and 88 players took part in the event over the two days.

Played as an eight round swiss the crucial match took place in round 5 when the Angels of the North (Tyneside) captained by Gail Curry met Peter Dyke’s Nailsea team. The Angels won the first game when the experienced pair of Bryan Kennedy and Derek Watts beat two very promising juniors, Marcus Evans and Andrew Lowdon.

The second game was a thriller, it was all square when time was called with both the senior partners (Gail and Peter) on the peg with their partners (David Turner and Mary Barnes respectively) both for hoop 2. After 25 minutes of cat and mouse play the match was resolved when David ran the deciding hoop.

This put the two teams level in the lead on 8/10 and when the Angels won 2-0 in round 7, with Nailsea only managing a draw, a lead was established which proved decisive when the Angels won their final match.

The winning team were awarded medals as a momento of their achievement at the prize giving, an event which was almost overshadowed by Derek Bradley cutting the first sod of Cheltenham’s ambitious 55,000 redevelopment of lawns 9, 10 and 11.

Ian Burridge (manager) watching - Tony resting !!

The Victors !


13 points Angels of the North (Tyneside)
12 points Nailsea
10 points Dave’s Diehards (Cheltenhain)
9 points Medway, Northern Lights (Tyneside), Cornwall,
Los Bandito's (Cheltenharn), Sussex Eagles,
Dyffryn Dragons
8 points High Wycombe, Bristol Blue, Bristol Cream
7 points Racketeers (Cheltenham), Harwell
6 points Blewbury, lpswich, Three Counties (Cheltenham),
Sussex Condors
5 points Bits and Pieces (Cheltenham)
4 points Dab's Demons (Cheltenham)

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