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Advanced Play Coaching Session
Sun 13 May 2007

Coach: Richard Griffiths

Attendees:  Tony Backhouse, Nigel Grant, Malcolm Hooper, Ian Wilson.

Topics: -

Review of the Laws for Advanced Play: essential differences compared with Handicap Play.

Lift hoops, optional lifts and contact, peg-point and penalties for pegging-out a ball other than at the end.

Overall strategy: Triple Peel or 9-12-5?

Winning the toss: go in first or second? Openings; corner 2, corner 4, into the centre; replies by second ball on. Cannons in the openings.

Once in, how to build the break, and where to start planning for the leave. Essential requirement for getting to take final hoop off opponents ball. When to change balls if necessary.

Leaves: diagonal spread, OSL, NSL etc. Laying-up with an appropriate rush,and bearing in mind opponent's and your position if either has progressed other than to 4-back.

When to take the first ball to peg. Fragmented turns. Leaves if you are giving an Optional Contact.

Peeling. The Standard Triple Peel; other triples (delayed, straight) and variations. The Straight Double, and Peels at other hoops. Single peels.

Finishes from 4-back with 4, 3 or 2 balls.

Pegging-out other than to finish. Leaves after pegging-out one ball. Importance of lifts (wiring and hoop) in this phase of the game. Tactics of the pegged-out game. For the one-ball player: hover, take position or shoot? Which ball is it safer to shoot at? For the two-ball player, 2-ball or 3-ball? Responsibility for position, wiring opportunities. Wiring the boundary ball.